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Kids Rash Vests

Kids rash Vests by Stitch & Simon

Unique great value high-performance Kids Rash Vests.

Shop Bright-coloured camo rash vests. Great value kids rash vests. Our boys & girls rash vests will protect juniors, teenagers, and young children from UV rays and irritation at the beach. Exclusive to Stitch & Simon our junior rash vests are ideal as gifts that will create the wow factor. Select long sleeve rash vests with UPV protection in a range of designs

What Purpose is a Rash Vest?

A rash vest remains an underestimated piece of equipment. Yet, it does more than prevent sunburns or helping you put on your wetsuit. This fitted top shields the skin from the elements when in and out of the water.  Below are the two primary purposes of a rash vest read more about Kids Rash Vests