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Kids Rash Guards Vests

It is getting warmer outside, and that can only mean one thing. The beach is calling! Parents can now spend quality time with their kids as they take part in a variety of watersports. Except, these long periods in water can leave you with nasty rashes, sunburns, and fish stings. Then, get your beachwear ready. Include your favorite colorful rash vest to protect, keep you warm, and make you stand out. Huh?

The Origin

First things first; what comes to mind when you think of a rash vest? Protection, right? Well, a rash vest, Aussie top, UV top, or rashie is a fit-to-snug, long or short-sleeved, athletic shirt comprising spandex, polyester, or nylon fabric. It originates from Australia, where most surfers would wear it to shield their skin from getting nasty abrasions from surfboards or sunburns from being out in the sun for too long.

What Purpose Is A Rash Vest?

A rash vest remains an underestimated piece of equipment. Yet, it does more than prevent sunburns or helping you put on your wetsuit. This fitted top shields the skin from the elements when in and out of the water.  Below are the two primary purposes of a rash vest: –

1.     Protection

  • Shields You From Marine Bumps, Scrapes & Stings

Our skin softens as we spend more time in the water. In turn, if you brush up against something sharp while scuba diving or playing at the pool, it can break your skin. Next, you end up with nasty-looking and uncomfortable bruises. Teenagers rash vest can protect the kids from friction-induced blistering and bruising from these marine bumps and scrapes. Likewise, the rash vest material can protect the child from jellyfish stings. Here, the stings are simply not long enough to penetrate the kids rash vest, to reach the child’s skin.

  • Blocks Harmful UV Rays from the Sun

Staying out at the beach in swimming gear exposes the skin to excessive UV rays. These harmful radiations can irritate and penetrate the skin, leading to serious health complications like cancer and premature aging. Hence, moms and dads apply sunscreen on their kids to shield them from harmful sun exposure. Only the sunscreen washes off once the kids get into the water. And, most sunscreens have chemical ingredients that can be pile up into the ocean, polluting the marine ecosystem.

Unlike other regular T-shirts, the rash vest opts for a specialized fabric and weave pattern that is gentle against the skin has moisture-wicking capabilities and blocks most sunlight from reaching the bare skin. Most rash guard vest manufacturers quote a UPF rating on the vests to state how much radiation it eliminates. In turn, you spend less to protect your child while guarding the marine ecosystem against pollutants. It is a win-win move for all.

  • Prevent Rashes in Contact Sports

Wrestling, surfing, and football are examples of intensive contact sports that expose the players to rash breakouts and other skin infections. Wearing a rash vest prevents skin-to-skin contact with fellow athletes, minimizing the chance of contracting a rash. 

  • Chaffing

Chaffing can occur from having prolonged rubbing with objects or other people around us. Second, it develops due to excessive moisture from sweating piling up along the thighs, armpits, or joints. Third, it can develop due to wearing clothes with fabric or seams that irritate the skin. A kids rash guard creates an effective barrier between the child’s delicate skin and the irritant. And, since it has moisture-wicking capabilities, it stays dry even on a hot summer day at the beach. That way, kids can run, play, and swim without getting blisters, red sores, or rashes.

2.     Warmth

We now have thermal rash vests to keep you warm while swimming in the cold water. The vests use neoprene or Lycra fabrics to trap body heat and circulate it within the bathing suit. Now, you have no excuse to stay indoors when temperatures begin to drop as we approach fall.

How Do You Size A Rash Vest?

Now, not all rash guards are the same. The material and fitting vary to suit your beach lifestyle, protection needs, and age. Plus, this rash vest sizing depends on you or your child’s style and preference.

Clingy Vs. Loose Rash Vest

A rash vest retails as clingy or loose to cater to vast needs. For example, a juniors rash vest for climbing and surfing should be form-fitting to keep it straight underneath other gear. Indeed, you don’t want the vest to bunch up or get stuck in between your equipment.  Likewise, if a teen prefers wearing only the rash vest, then they can get away with a loose-fitting teenagers rash vest while on their canoeing day trip.

Purpose: Sun Protection vs. Performance

Now, if you are shopping for a rash vest for teens going to mow the lawn, opt for a loose-fitting, comfortable teenagers rash vest with trendy graphics. In contrast, kids taking part in competitive watersports should wear a hugging yet lightweight and quick-drying rash vest that complements their efforts as they push their skills to the limits.

The Fitting

All in all, a juniors rash vest should neither be too tight or too loose. Use the child’s size chest and waist circumference to guide you on a snug fit. Plus, the rash guard should be proportionate to the bust and shoulder build.

Is It OK To Wear A Rash Guard?

Yes. A rash guard is an affordable, environmentally-friendly solution to keeping you or your loved one warm and protected in the outdoors.

Are Rash Guards Good For Kids?

Adults and kids can wear a rash vest individually or layer a wetsuit when going for a quick swim, paddle boarding, surfing, and any other watersport. Plus, the extra coverage is excellent for anyone taking part in contact sports or doing chores in the sun. They keep the children warm and protected regardless of their surroundings or weather.


A rash guard offers an extra layer of protection and warmth for anyone out in the sun or open waters without adding any drag. This quick guide focused on the kids rash vest, a must-have extra coverage for boys and girls. We know kids can be picky about what they wear at the beach. That’s why parents should weigh the benefits of their choice rash vest. That way, you will know how to pick the perfect juniors rash vest with an eye-catching design, shape, color retention without compromising its performance. More about Rash Vests

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