Winter Camping | 7 Ways to Stay Warm in a Tent

Winter Tents

We never believe that timing for camping is limited for only the warmer months. You won’t have to pack your tent up for the rest of the time. It can be enjoyed all year round.

“Peak time of camping may end, but it never means you should pack the tent for the rest of the time. You’ll get many advantages camping the autumn and winter. In that time campsites remains quite enough. As a result, you’ll enjoy peace and much relax without waiting in the queue.” – Said Lauren.

Here we will brief you about some way to stay warm in a tent while camping in winter.

Wearing layers always provides many advantages while spending time outdoors, especially in a fickle climate. If you are planning to spend a bit longer time in the cold, then you should go for investing in basel ayers. If you see the weather is not so cold, wear a long sleeve shirt and tights or leggings. A lightweight fleece on the top will keep you excellent. Though it won’t make you look fashionable, Gilet, and oversized, baggy hoodie will keep you warm enough.

Cover Your Extremities:
Never forget the extremities while layering up because it helps keep you warm on winter camping. Always wear warm socks. We would recommend you wear two pairs of thin socks instead of one couple of thicker ones. Also, put on your gloves and hat. All of these make you feel much warmer.

Proper Sleeping Bag:
It doesn’t matter where you, you have to sleep at night. Otherwise, you won’t feel right and enjoy your time correctly. A sleeping bag is always the best solution to sleep on camping. If you are camping in the colder weather, you must have to pay extra attention to choosing the right sleeping bag. These come with different ratings to provide you a different experience of camping. So, go for that sleeping bag suitable for you—the rating of sleeping bag rates between season one to season seven. Take season one or two for summer camping. But, if you are camping in winter, then choose at least season three. Season four is a must for frosty nights. You can pick the sleeping bag liners to add some additional insulation layers. It won’t worth much money from you.

It would help if you had to be careful about the insulation for winter camping. Always remember, ground spreads a vast amount of cold air. That’s why you should also think about preventing it from keeping yourself warm. Tent carpet is an excellent solution for this. A proper insulating layer underneath is also important. You may go for airbeds, but it won’t help you to keep warm. The duvet beneath is perfect in this case.

Winter Campfire – Camping in the winter

There is no doubt that campfire is the most enjoyable part of camping. Sitting around the fire provides a great feeling. Some campers prepare their food from this. But the most crucial part is, it’s a great source of heat. No other things can be perfect, like sitting wrapped and drink around the fire. But it would help if you kept the distance of your tent from the flame. And, never think to take your stove or barbecue inside the tent. Because the massive flame is not the only problem, those can create carbon monoxide inside the tent. That is much dangerous.

Never Wait to feel the cold!
Your mind and body can mismatch and in the time you think to protect yourself it will be too late, don’t wait to feel the cold properly. Never get late to get warm clothing. Once those finger and feet are cold it really difficult to put on warm clothing that will make the difference If you get cold once, it will be harder to make yourself warm again. Sometimes, it can drag you to severe sickness.

The Old Days:
This era is of tech gadgets. And, these can easily make you forget the good old days. A pair of long johns with a hot water bottle can be a perfect choice to keep yourself warm in the camp.

Final Verdict: Camping is always made us fun and allows us to take a breath from busy daily life. Like summer days, camping is not so easy in the winter. But it doesn’t mean camping is not possible in the colder days. If you can prepare yourself properly, camping in winter will be much easier. Here in this article, we have described seven ways to stay warm in a tent while winter camping. If you follow the steps described above, winter camping will be more comfortable for you. And cold weather won’t bother you.

Winter Campfire
Now its time to relax by a campfire in the winter , enjoy 🙂

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