How to Reproof a Waterproof Jacket

Most waterproof jackets feature two different types of coating to make the jacket waterproof. The central waterproof part is built using a membrane that prevents the water from passing through the jacket fabric. Due to this membrane, the water cannot die even if the outer layer soaks the water. For secondary types of coating, durable water repellent, also known as DWR, is used. This coating becomes less effective over time and also needs replacement. Due to less effective DWR, the jacket feels bulky and uncomfortable while wearing in the rain. It also makes you feel clammy. It needs to be reproofed to make the jacket breathable and waterproof again. The reproofing process is relatively easy, and anyone can do it using some simple product. We are going to describe How to reproof a waterproof jacket.

How to know the jacket needs reproofing?

There are several ways to determine if the waterproof feature of a waterproof jacket is working correctly or not. Among these techniques, the best way to check the quality is to pour some water on the coat’s outer layer. The water you poured will bead up and turn into droplets if the waterproof feature is still useful. If the element is not working correctly, then you’ll see the outer layer is soaking off the water, and it makes the fabric of the jacket wet, and as the water is being soaked, so the fabric color will look a bit darker than usual. If the water does not turn into droplets but is absorbed by the fabric, then it is high time you should reproof the jacket.

If you use a jacket very lightly, it is enough to reproof the jacket every 2 or 3 years. But if you use the jacket in extreme conditions, then you should consider reproofing the fabric more frequently than usual.

How to clean a waterproof Jacket:

When a jacket becomes dirty, the waterproofing feature becomes less effective. So the first thing you should do is clean the jacket. Cleaning a jacket is not so hard. The most effective way to clean a jacket is to follow the printed instruction on the jacket. If there is no instruction printed, then the best way to clean by hand washing the jacket using some mild soap like Nikwax Tech Wash. use warm water for the most convenient result. If you are not certain that detergent can be used to wash the jacket, we advise you not to wash the jacket using detergent. It may harm the fiber of the jacket.

If any spot or patch needs any special attention, you can use a spotted cloth or a brush to rub, scrub, and gently clean the area. In case of drying the jacket, you can dry it in a dryer or naturally. Check the instruction if there is any recommendation given or not. To dry it in the dryer, use the lowest heat possible to ensure fabric safety.

After washing and drying, check the waterproof feature. If it’s working, then the jacket is again usable. But, if it’s not working, then you should reproof it.

Pick the right product:

To reproof the jacket, you need to buy some products. There are a lot of options available to purchase for reproofing. But you need to make sure that you choose the best product to reproof your jacket. So buy a high-quality reproofing product to get the best result.

To reproof a jacket, you have to use some reproofing liquids and use those liquids; you need a washing machine and dryer. For drying the jacket, you can use a tumble dryer or hair drier. These reproofing liquids not only reproof a waterproof feature but also clean the integrated dirt from the jacket outer layer and that resultant longevity of the fiber of that jacket.

Preparing the jacket

After choosing the right product, it’s time to prepare the jacket for using those products. Close all the zips and straps of your selected jacket. As the jacket’s outer layer is needed to reproof, make sure it is not turned inside-out for the best result.

Cleansing the washing machine

Any type of detergent is harmful to the DWR of a jacket. That is why you need to make sure that there is no detergent left on the washing machine. To do so, you have to cleanse the machine. Empty the detergent tray and after that, put 500ml vinegar and a towel into the washing machine and run it on its hottest setting. It will cleanse the washing machine properly.

Process of reproofing using washing proofer 

Step-1: Follow the product instruction to pour the appropriate amount of liquid into the washing machine’s detergent component.

Step-2: Now put your jacket into the machine and run it for washing and rising at 30degree centigrade temperature.

Step-3: Now dry the jacket using low or medium heat on a tumble dryer.

There is another way of reproofing a waterproof jacket, which is by using a reproof spray. This process is straightforward. First, buy a high-quality reproof spray to get the best reproofing. After selecting the spray, first, try it on a little portion of the jacket because some spray can harm the fiber of the coat. So, make sure that spray you bought works effectively on your jacket fabric without any harmful effect. Make sure your jacket is clean before using the spray.

Process of reproofing using reproofing spray 

Step-1: Hang the jacket on a hanger or washing line.

Step-2: spray on your jacket’s outer layer evenly. Use it between every 15-20cm for a convenient result.

Step-3: Check the jacket and make sure every spot is evenly spread.

Step-4: Use a damp cloth for wiping the excess liquid.

Step-5: Now, keep it there to dry naturally. 

After doing that successfully your jacket becomes waterproof once again. Now you can wear it even in extreme conditions without worrying about getting wet.

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